What are the best CBD products?

Cannabidol or CBD as it’s known is one of the many cannabidoids found in the cannabis plant. This new phenomena is vastly becoming very popular in the health and wellness world, for it’s many therapeutic benefits that could help maintain or relieve symptoms of several health conditions.

While there are plenty of CBD product’s out there on the market to choose from, the question is what are the best CBD product’s? Currently there are no CBD product’s sold over-the-counter that have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Which means some product’s may not be as reliable or effective as others, some may not even have any CBD in it at all.

Knowing what quality standards to look for is vital to ensure you are buying a safe, genuine quality product. So, the most important thing to look for when buying CBD product’s is to check the label, or website you choose to purchase from has a COA (Certificate Of Analysis) as proof of third-party testing. This shows exactly what’s in the product and guarantee a safe product for consumption.

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What to look for when buying CBD product’s

Because CBD sold over the counter hasn’t been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), it’s up to you the consumer to do your research. Which can be very confusing if you don’t know what your looking for, but don’t worry in this article you will find out what to look for and what to avoid when choosing a CBD product.

First of all check whatever CBD product you are buying has been third-party tested. Look for a COA as proof of third-party testing, by an independent laboratory that doesn’t have a financial investment in the product and is an unbiased source of information. This may look like this on the COA:

Testing method by an in accordance with ISO/IEC17025-compliant-lab.

It’s important to look for the product’s potency is accurate. Check the CBD and THC concentrations on the COA match what’s stated on the product label. Be aware inaccuracies on CBD product labels are a common issue, because over the counter CBD product’s are not yet approved by the FDA. Always double check this

Look for heavy metals, pesticide ans mold analyses, as well on the COA. Check the status column of these charts and make sure it says “pass”, or that no heavy metals, pesticides or mold are detected = ND (None Detected), to ensure you are buying a safe product.

If your product is full or broad spectrum, look for a list of cannabinoids and other compounds such as. Cannabidiolic acid (CBDA), cannabinol (CBN), cannabigerol (CBG), and cannabichromene (CBG), to name a few that should be on the list.

Always check the reputation of the company. Look for indicators of user trust through customer reviews and reputation. Look whether the company has been issued a warning letter from the FDA, and whether the company makes unsupported health claims.

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How to get access to a CBD product COA

You may be able to access the COA while you shop by scanning the QR code on the product label with your smartphone.

If you’re buying online and the COA is not visible on the website, email the company and ask to see the COA, a reputable company should have no problem providing this for you.

Always remember if the product doesn’t have a COA, it’s probably not worth buying.

Full and broad spectrum CBD are the most effective product’s

To gain the full benefits of CBD always look for product’s made with full or broad spectrum oil.

Full spectrum oils contain all cannabidoids found in the cannabis plant including THC. Be sure to check the legal THC requirements for the country you are based.

Broad spectrum oils contain all cannabidoids except THC.

Full and broad spectrum oils are far less processed. The most natural extraction process is cold press extraction which only uses a press similar to an orange juice press, nothing is added or taken away. Other extraction process use chemicals to extract CBD.

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CBD comes in a variety of forms

Depending on why you want to take CBD in the first place could determine which product would be best suited for you to try. It’s recommended to research which CBD product’s are specifically designed for your certain health condition or ailment. Each company’s manufacturer designs different product’s to help maintain or support many health conditions and ailments.

There are lots of different ways of taking CBD, it’s important to try different methods to see which method best suits your needs.



Oils are designed to help maintain certain conditions and ailments. Every CBD company has ranges of different oils to suit a variety of different health conditions and ailments such as anxiety, M. S and some cancers.

Overall oils are a good choice to try. You can take the oil by putting it directly into your mouth or you can add it to food and drink. Be aware Oils can take up to two hours to take effect.

Oils are available in a variety of strengths and flavors. Choosing an oil that’s been flavored really helps mask the weedy taste CBD can have if it’s not flavored, this especially helps if you want to take it by putting it directly into your mouth. Flavors include mint chocolate, lemon, orange, coconut and olive oil to list a few.

Sublingual product

These product’s are designed to be absorbed under your tongue. These include tinctures, oils, sprays and lozenges. Taking CBD this way preserves more of the CBD, and you feel the effect much quicker taking on average 15 minutes to take effect.

The difference between a CBD oil and tincture is:

CBD oil is made by infusing cannabis extract in a carrier oil such as coconut oil, hemp oil, olive oil, grape seed oil and MCT oil.

CBD tinctures are made by soaking cannabis extract in alcohol.

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There is a variety of edible CBD product’s out there to choose from such as gummies, truffles, chocolates, mints and even drinks including tea, coffee, juice and smoothies. Which are great for hiding any weedy taste that CBD can have.

Edibles are renowned though for containing preservatives and sugar, so if your trying to avoid additives sublingual product’s maybe better for you to try.

All CBD product’s that are taken orally except sublingual product’s, the body only absorbs between 5 to 20 percent of the CBD you consume.

CBD gummies can provide a convenient and discrete way of taking CBD, as do capsules, which usually come in the form of pills and soft gels.


Topical CBD product’s are designed to be absorbed through the skin but, CBD doesn’t pass through skin easily so when choosing a topical product, look for one with a high amount of CBD ranging from 8mg and apply it generously to the effected area for full benefits.

Topicals come in the forms of creams, lotions, balms, salves, gels and transdermal patches. Bathbombs are also available to buy, they are an excellent relaxant.

Topicals are great when it comes to treating joint pain, swelling and reducing inflammation for conditions like arthritis and skin conditions like eczema.

If you choose a topical CBD for pain relief that contains menthol, camphor and capsaicin it may provide even more therapeutic benefits like a cooling sensation, after a while turning to a warming sensation. The pleasant cool and warm feelings distract your brain from the pain you might feel in your muscles or joints. It feels strange, but works.

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Vaping and smoking

You can use a vaporizer with a cartridge that contains CBD oil. You can inhale CBD concentrates with any vape pen that has a chamber for concentrates. Or you can choose to smoke CBD cannabis flower in a joint.

Smoking or vaping CBD is the quickest way to feel the effects of CBD because it goes directly into the bloodstream taking on average only 15 minutes. However, smoking cannabis can expose you to carcinogens, and bear in mind the legality of these product’s gets a little confusing as it depends on, if combustion occurs. It’s recommended to check the laws for the country you live before choosing this method.

Vaping cannabis heats it up just below the point of combustion, but there is still not enough evidence to show how safe it is, and may cause negative health effects.

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Another thing to take into consideration when choosing CBD product’s is it’s bioavailability, which means in short the degree and rate at which a substance is absorbed into the bloodstream.

The bioavailability of CBD varies depending on the consumption method and concentration of CBD you choose.

Oral consumption of CBD does offer benefits, but taking CBD this way has to pass through our metabolic and digestive system, which filters out a large amount of CBD, drastically reducing it’s bioavailability.

To give an example of how this works, if you consume oil or another edible product that contains 100mg of CBD, only 20mg will actually reach your bloodstream.

Sublingual consumption is more direct, it impacts the body quicker than oral consumption, only being degraded from enzymes in the mouth’s saliva.

The bioavailability of sublingual CBD consumption is significantly higher than oral consumption between 12% to 35%.

The bioavailability when vaping or smoking CBD is higher still studies show between 34% to 46%, and some report up to 56%. Vaporizing CBD is by far one of the most effective methods to take CBD.


Look for product’s with liposomes if you want a more effective product. Liposomes are a carrier which is added to CBD product’s.

CBD product’s with liposomes added are a revelation in the CBD world. These product’s not only enable quicker absorption of CBD, up to 4 times faster, but also result in a higher percentage of CBD delivered to the bloodstream compared with all other carriers such as olive oil, coconut oil, grape seed etc.

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What is the appropriate dose of CBD

Depending on the reason you want to take CBD, and the condition you want to treat. The necessary dosage a person takes will vary depending on the method you choose. As with any drug, the appropriate dosage is one that provides a therapeutic effect and is well-tolerated.

There are no official guidelines of CBD dosage yet, and is still little research, so doctors are not yet able to confirm what the safe, beneficial dosage is. In clinical studies, researchers have used various oral dosages of CBD, ranging from 100-800mg per day. Some studies have used even higher dosages up to 1200mg per day, this depends entirely on your condition or ailment. With Topical product’s studies show product’s ranging from 8mg are more effective.

It’s recommended to start with a low dose and gradually increase it over a few weeks to best suit your needs.


There is currently so many CBD or CBD infused product’s out there for people to try, with all the product’s available it’s important to try a few different product’s until you find the one best suited for your needs.

With so many product’s available unregulated it’s so important to choose safe, high quality product’s that have been third-party tested, so always look for a COA (certificate of analysis).

Before taking any CBD product’s it’s recommended to talk to a doctor, especially if you are taking any medications or supplements.

All information on this website has come from research only.

Here is a list of websites used for research.








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